Thursday, March 29

A lunchtime walk.

I had to drop off a DVD to 3CDC up in over-the-Rhine on Race Street at lunch today.
I grabbed my camera and decided to on a bit of a lunchtime wander. After making my
delivery, I strolled past Washington Park to see how their renovations were coming
along. It looked like they were making a lot of progress...
Washington Park
Washington Park
Washington Park
But it looked like they still have quite a way to go still...
Washington Park
I noticed this old ghost sign on Race Street...
It's a sign
I wandered past Herzog Studios where legendary Hank Williams recorded...
Herzog Studios
Weaver Alley has to be one of the streets with the most greenery in all of downtown...
Weaver Alley
I noticed that Blue Wisp was now open for lunch...
Blue Wisp
And their iconic sign was now out front...
Blue Wisp
There's a new little garden in memory of Phyllis Smale just off Fountain Square...
Fountain Square
Well, it's new to me at least. But I don't recall noticing it before a week or so ago.
Fountain Square
It was a great little lunchtime wander. I got to see some places I don't get to see
everyday anymore that my commute to work is only two blocks. :)

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