Tuesday, October 11

What money cannot buy...

77 degree weather.

Those random moments when you just look up at the sky and smile.

When you're looking for something to watch on TV and you realize that a new episode
of your favorite show is on.

When you're talking to that special person and you make them smile, and their smile
makes you smile.

The closed-eyed, self-satisfied look your pets make when you scratch them just right.

When nobody else uses the public restroom the entire time you’re in there.

The simple act of holding hands with your significant other.

The beauty of sunrises and sunsets.

Turning your pillow over to the cool side.

Good morning/goodnight text messages.

Showers with the perfect amount of water pressure.

Having that someone who accepts you for who you are.

Waking up, realizing it’s the weekend, and curling up for another hour of sleep.

Falling back asleep cuddling, and waking up still cuddling.

When you realize that you've completely moved on from a previous relationship.

The hilarity of an inside joke that you’ll never really get unless you were there at its inception.

Realizing there’s nowhere else you would rather be right now.

I am so incredibly blessed. :)


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