Tuesday, October 11


In the Gateway Quarter, there's a restaurant called Senate that's the darling of the Cincinnati
foodies. I've avoided this place like the plague just because it's been so incredibly over-hyped.
But today on the way back to the office, I finally broke down and decided to try their burger.
Senate burger
Senate burger
And I ordered their fabled duck fat fries...
Duck Fat Fries
The burger and fries were both really good. But not the way this place was hyped, I really
expected both of these items to be the most amazing thing I had ever tasted. And sadly,
they just didn't live up to the hype. But they were still good.

I guess it was a good thing to try once. But there are better burgers a lot closer to home.
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  1. I agree this place gets a ton of buzz, but why would you start with a burger? Gotta try one or more of the dogs, the poutine, etc. It's a cool spot run by cool folks.

  2. I started with a burger because I refuse to pay $15 for a stupid hot dog.
    No dog will ever taste better than one I eat while taking in a Reds game.
    And they're a hell of a lot cheaper. I think it's incredibly overrated spot
    that caters to lovers of amazingly pretentious food.