Friday, August 19


I ran a couple of errands downtown before Genifer came over and on my way, I noticed
a rather uncharacteristically large number of people hang out in front of Izzy's on Main.
Looking in the window, I couldn't help but notice all the camera gear.
Come to find out Adam Richman of the Travel Channel's Man Versus Food Nation is in
town and might be shooting a challenge versus Izzy's 110 Reuben. Genifer is going to be
super excited if this is true! She adores Adam Richman!

More on this later...

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  1. Adam Richman also filmed at Tom+Chee Saturday at Newport on the Levee. I know you would have taken better photos, but my blog post about attending the shoot is up here:

    T+C is planning a viewing party Oct. 12 when the episode is scheduled to air. Maybe you can make that :)