Saturday, July 30

Reds baseball game #24.

Genifer went to see the Reds play the Giants tonight down at Great American Ball Park.
We usually just get the $5 cheapy seats and then sit wherever we want. If the $5 seats
are sold out like they were at the last game we went to, then we get $8 seats and sit
wherever we want. We experienced a new wrinkle tonight, no seats available. Our only
choice was to buy Standing Room Only tickets. I'm not so sure this was the best idea.
We walked around looking for a place to sit and holy geez the ballpark was crowded tonight.
Even section 107, the alcohol-free section that's usually empty, was packed.
Great American Ball Park
Down the first base line was packed too...
Great American Ball Park
So we went to so spot by Mr. Reds Smokehouse...
Great American Ball Park
And it was really crowded there too. And there was no breeze whatsoever. Sweating lots.
After five innings, we decided to head to Holy Grail and watch the rest of the game.
Great American Ball Park
On the way out of the ballpark, we discovered this unmarked food stand is actually an
all-items $1 stand just like upstairs. No wonder there are always huge lines here.
There were lotsa people everywhere. This is what it looked like behind home plate.
Great American Ball Park
Great American Ball Park
Great American Ball Park
The Reds went on to win the ballgame 7-2. They're now 10-2 when Genifer is at the ballgame.
Even if it's just for a little bit. :)

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