Thursday, July 21

Everybody Walk.

I was recently approached by my friend Greg if I would like to partner with
a nonprofit called Everybody Walk. Everybody Walk is a nonprofit wellness
campaign, and their goal is to encourage people to get up, get out, and get
walking for 30 minutes, every day.

They believe a huge part of getting people to become more active is creating
and sustaining an environment and community that encourages these types
of activities.

Well, we walk a lot, like a lot a lot. We've been averaging almost 24 miles a week
since we started tracking our walking at the end of March. So this partnership seemed
like kind of a no-brainer to me. I would love help get more people to enjoy walking as
much as we do. So keep an eye out for updates here to see what Everybody Walk is doing
to get people up and moving.

Click for more information about Everybody Walk.

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