Tuesday, May 17

Reds baseball game #10.

We got a bit of a late jump to the Cubs-Reds game tonight. It was cold and misting.
And we had to work-up the motivation to bundle up and walk down to the ballpark. We
planned to watch the watch the game from the Machine Room again but the tables along
the glass were already all occupied. So we went downstairs and tried to find some seats.
After a little bit of scouting around, we found these seats down the third base line.
The Cubs lost again. This time 7-5. And the Reds swept the little two game mini series
over the Cubs. After watching these two games, I've come to the conclusion that the
Reds are just plain better than the Cubs. Simple as that. I'm going to one more game
tomorrow night as the Reds take on the Pirates. Four games in four consecutive days
is a lot of baseball.

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