Thursday, May 12

Mr. Sushi.

After work, I stopped at Mr. Sushi to pickup some rolls to go for my flirtationship.*
Mr. Sushi
Sushi to go
And then we watched, The Next Three Days. That movie was straight nuts. Yeah, the
both of us are horribly behind on our movie watching. Don't judge. LOL. This was only
the second movie I've watched on DVD so far this year. And I still haven't been to the
theatre since Christmas.

*Flirtationship... more than a friendship, too soon to call it a relationship.

And ps.what is it with girls and sushi? Seriously, it's good and all but y'all would
live just solely on sushi if the opportunity presented itself. Just saying.


  1. We saw this movie in the theater in Portland over Christmas! You must have left already.

  2. You guys saw it at Bagdad Theatre right after you
    dropped me off at the airport.

  3. I wish I could answer your question about sushi. What I can do is tell you that my husband would 100% agree with you. I could eat it every day! Have no idea why.