Thursday, April 28

What the heck?

It had been nice and sunny all day long. I get home from work. Milan and I are getting
ready to go on a walk and all of a sudden it looks like this outside...
I grab a umbrella and we get down to the Gardens and it starts raining. No wait,
not just raining, pouring. And then wind kicked up rendering the umbrella useless.
P&G Gardens
P&G Gardens
P&G Gardens
P&G Gardens
And then the minute we get home, the sun comes back out...
I took a cat nap and when I woke up, it was even sunnier...
Someone's just messing with me. Stupid rain. I'm soo over you.

ps. I'm sure there was a rainbow somewhere over downtown. But I couldn't be bothered
to go find it. If you've seen one rainbow, you've seen them all. LOL.

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