Wednesday, April 6

Happy National Start Walking Day.

Today is the American Heart Association's "National Start Walking Day." And if you're
looking for routes to walk, the new downtown Go Vibrant Walking Club steps off today.
Downtowners who are looking for some exercise can meet at noon on Fountain Square
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to walk. Go Vibrant has designed three different
routes around the Square that are at distances of one, two and three miles.

It's really no secret that Milan and I love walking. And what with downtown's Central
Business District being the most walkable neighborhood in Cincinnati, it's easy to walk
everywhere. So Get out those comfy shoes and start walking today!

We like the classic Adidas Gazelle...
Adidas Gazelle. The Official Walking Shoe of Thadd and Milan.

ps. I would like to take a moment to nominate Milan to be the Go Vibrant mascot.
And Adidas, you can send my Adidas dog walking swag here. LOL.

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