Sunday, March 6

Say hello to my new friend.

I have two Macs. I have my old skool little Mac G4 Powerbook and a Mac G5 tower.
Well, the tower has been giving me conniptions lately. First, all the licenses for my
Adobe Creative Suite mysteriously expired and then it wouldn't open any files at all.
I finally got fed up with it and took it into to work to see if the guys in IT could make
heads or tails of what's going on. They wiped the thing clean and hooked me up with
Adobe CS4. And now all is right with the world again. I was reminded just how fast
that G5 Tower is when I started playing with some photos in PhotoShop. And thought
an additional upgrade was long overdue. I've been working on this same 13" Apple
monitor ever since I got my first Mac back in 2001.
My old computer monitor
It still works fine. It's just big and bulky and the screen is pretty small. So I got a new
monitor today so I could stretch out a little bit. I got this Dell 21.5" Widescreen Monitor
My new monitor
Wow. Or as my grandpa would have said, "That's pretty nice." Geez, I wish I had a
monitor like this at work too. :) Now I just have to figure out what to do with the
old monitor...

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