Thursday, March 31

Gameday.'s Gameday Audio is really amazing. It's only $20 for the entire season. You can
stream live radio broadcasts for ALL MLB games and you get access to the great looking,
well-designed wealth of statistics updated in real time with At Bat 2011... Gameday
It's like having a umpire's eye view of Great American Ballpark. Pretty cool.

Oh. And what's up with the Reds revisiting 2010 on Opening Day with the epic 7-6 win
with the insanely dramatic three run walk-off homer by Ramon Hernandez! WOW!

ps. LOL at Dusty Baker jumping up and down like a little kid after Hernandez's homer.

UPDATE: And here's what At Bat looks like at Wrigley Field.


  1. The one bummer is that the new Gameday operations seemed to have blocked online streaming of radio broadcasts. I tried tuning into 700 WLW and several other Reds affiliates and got absolutely nothing on the Internet even though those stations were broadcasting the game at that time.

  2. Hmm. You must be doing something wrong. Gameday
    Audio boasts NO Blackouts. And I listened to the
    entire Reds game through the streaming broadcast
    from Gameday Audio just fine.

  3. No, what I'm saying is that Gameday now blocks all online streaming of radio broadcasts outside of the Gameday platform. In past years I could have gone to 700 WLW's website and streamed the radio broadcast live. This is now no longer the case, and thus forces you to purchase the $20 Gameday platform.

  4. Oh. Yeah, MLB owns all the streaming content. But
    if you only listen to the 162 Reds games the $20
    for Gameday Audio works out to a mere 12¢ a game.

    But I use it to listen to the Reds, Cubs and BoSox.
    So for me, it's a no-brainer. And it's convenient
    to have all my baseball audio streams in one place.