Thursday, February 3

Slammin' Burger.

Yesterday, I got a text message from Downtown Cincinnati, Inc. that hipped me to the fact
that Bagpipes was now open and that a new burger joint opened up in the food court at
Carew Tower called Slammin' Burger. I like burgers. A lot. In fact, I briefly contemplated
starting another blog called "Thadd and Burger." But I digress, guess what's for lunch today?
Slammin' Burger
Slammin' Burger
Slammin' Burger
Slammin' Burger
What you can't see in the above photo are the delicious caramelized onions on the burger!
They make the burger really good stuff! Oh, and their onion rings are delicious!
Slammin' Burger on Urbanspoon

ps. You know. I'm not exactly sure how I started getting text alerts form DCI. But you can
click here to sign up for emails from Downtown Cincinnati, Inc.