Thursday, February 24

Pom wonderful.

Cincinnati has a very rich and diverse local music scene. Most of the bands I find
myself listening to on a regular basis are all from Cincy... Bad Veins, No No Knots,
The Seedy Seeds and You, You're Awesome, all favorites. But there's one band that I
find myself listening to more than any other, and that's Pomegranates. Hands down.
Pom is trying to self-finance the recording process for their fourth album...

If you're interested, you can click here to learn about what you can do to help this group
of talented guys. And just an FYI, they'll be starting a couple of tours here very soon.
One in March. And one in April. If they're coming to your area, they're definitely worth
checking out. And of course, you can click here to see all the photos I've taken of Pom.

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