Thursday, January 27

I don't know what you call this.

I'm not the world's biggest fan of red wine fan by any stretch of the imagination. But red
wine keeps showing up in my home. One night, I was watching No Reservations and Tony
Bourdain was talking about how he had this cocktail in South American made of 3 parts
Red Wine and 7 parts Coca-Cola and that sounded interesting to me. I have red wine that
I probably won't drink by itself and I have Coca-Cola so I decided to give it a try.
Red wine + Coca-Cola
And you know what... It's actually really, pretty good! Who knew?

UPDATE: It's good. But after finishing this one glass, I couldn't imagine trying to have
more than one of these cocktails. I think I would rather just drink the wine by itself.


  1. When you do it 50/50 it's called Kalimotxo (Calimocho).

  2. That wasn't the red wine I gave you from France, was it?