Friday, January 28

Arnold's + Pinstripes = Crowded.

I went to Arnold's this evening for Heather's birthday party and to see the Pinstripes.
But it was wicked crowded. I heard this was the largest crowd to ever be packed into
Arnold's. And that was even before the Pinstripes started playing...
Needless to say, I didn't stay very long. Because it's no fun to be some place when it's
hard to even move around. :( So I went home and finished the last couple glasses from the
bottle of rather expensive red wine that Shannon carried all the way back from France...
Saint Cosme
I don't know if I'm crap at picking out red wines or not, but the bottle she gave me was
really good. Must be that whole relatively expensive part and/or the carried all the way
back from France thing. :)

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