Friday, October 15

Kappa Alpha Psi Freedom Walk.

Today, the members of Kappa Alpha Psi at Miami University are starting a two day walk
from the Freedom Center to Oxford, OHio, the home of Miami University 40 miles away.
Kappa Alpha Psi Freedom Walk
Kappa Alpha Psi Freedom Walk
Kappa Alpha Psi Freedom Walk
40 miles is a really long walk. But like they say, every journey starts with a single step.
Now thinking about it, Milan would probably love to go on a 40 mile walk! Especially
with how beautiful the weather is today in Cincinnati.

From the press release:
On Friday, October 15, and Saturday, October 16, the eight members of Kappa Alpha Psi
Fraternity at Miami University and a few alumni supporters will complete a 40-mile
Freedom Walk to support the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

The Freedom Walk follows a prominent historic Underground Railroad route traveled by
enslaved individuals who sought freedom. It crosses the Ohio River into Cincinnati and
proceeds to Oxford, Ohio (home of Miami University).

It’s a symbolic way to recognize and honor the heroes of the Underground Railroad and
raise money to support the Freedom Center’s education of the historic and continuing
struggles for freedom around the world.

Day 1 – Friday, Oct. 15
Walk will begin in Northern Kentucky and proceed across Roebling Suspension Bridge to
The Freedom Center. Visit historic locations in Cincinnati on Day 1 and end at a known
Underground Railroad safe house. Total distance is 10 miles.

12:30p: Freedom Walk begins at Margaret Garner Historic Marker in Covington, KY
12:45p: Crossing the Roebling Suspension Bridge from KY
1-1:30p: Brief tour of Freedom Center
1:50p: Pass Salmon P. Chase Historic Marker - 3rd and Main Street
2:30p: Harriet Beecher Stowe House (where she lived for 20 years before writing
"Uncle Tom’s Cabin")
4:45p: Spring Grove Cemetery – pass the grave site of abolitionist Levi Coffin,
who is said to have sheltered more than 2,000 freedom seekers
5-6:45p: “The Ravine to Freedom” route through woods from Spring Grove Cemetery
to Zebulon Strong House. This is a known Underground Railroad route.
7p: The Zebulon Strong House (now Six Acres Bed & Breakfast in College Hill)
where the fraternity brothers will stay on Friday night. (Built by noted abolitionist
Zebulon Strong, who would offer food and shelter to wary travelers on their journey to
freedom. At night he would then transport freedom seekers in his wagon to the next
station on the Underground Railroad.)

Day 2 – Saturday, Oct. 16
Walk will begin at an Underground Railroad safe house (Zebulon Strong House - now Six
Acres Bed & Breakfast in College Hill) and proceed to Oxford, Ohio. Total distance is
30 miles.

Today's portion of the walk sounds fascinating and steeped with history. Someone should
really turn that into a tour of some sorts if it isn't already. Just saying.
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