Thursday, September 2

Ballet and Beer.

My friend, Heather invited to "Ballet and Beer" at the Cincinnati Ballet to watch them
rehearse for one of their upcoming performances of their 2010 New Works. It was
fascinating to watch he dancers practice. All the work that goes on behind the scenes
and all the time that goes into each piece is something I never really gave much thought.
So it was amazing to watch them get ready for their upcoming shows. And where I wasn't
alllowed to take any photos of the dancers during the recital, I can tell you this chair
seemed to play a pretty significant roll in at least part of the piece...
Cincinnati Ballet
After the rehearsal, there was a reception which is where the beer portion comes in...
Cincinnati Ballet
Cincinnati Ballet
Cincinnati Ballet
For Ballet & Beer New Works.
The 2010 New Works runs September 9-19 at the Cincinnati Ballet Center. Make sure you
get your tickets today! If the rehearsal is any indication, the performance is going to be amazing!

ps. Heather also has a wonderful blog that's totally worth checking out. Just saying. :)

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