Thursday, August 26

You couldn't pay me to get out of bed...

For some people August 26th might be worse than Friday the 13th. Case in point, ponder the events in the life of Welsh coal miner David Wilson, born 1846:
* Aug. 26, 1857: Fractured the forefinger of his right hand.
* Aug. 26, 1859: Fell from horseback and broke his left leg below the knee.
* Aug. 26, 1860: Broke both bones of his left forearm.
* Aug. 26, 1861: Broke his left leg above the ankle.
* Aug. 26, 1862: Broke both legs, the right one so badly that it had to be amputated.

Seeing a pattern, he renounced doing any work on August 26, but in 1890 he forgot the date, went to work and broke his left leg for the fourth time.

Skip doing any work, I just wouldn't get out of bed. Just saying.

[Source: Futility Closet]

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