Saturday, August 14

Premiere League football!

The footballing void left by the end of the World Cup is finally beginning to be filled as the
the European football leagues start kicking off one by one; starting this weekend with the
kick-off of the English Premiere League and the La Liga and Serie A follow in two weeks.

Without a doubt THE match of the opening weekend is Arsenal versus Liverpool at Anfield.
So far today, I've devoured three matches while cleaning my apartment and doing laundry.
Laundry Room
The third match is getting over at almost the same time that the Cubs-Cards ballgame
should be starting on TV. And when that game is just about over, I'll be leaving to
go brave the ridiculous heat as I wander down to Great American Ball Park for the
Marlins-Reds game for the 23rd baseball game I've seen at GABP this season. So I
guess the return of the EPL also marks the return of sports Saturdays.

ps. The Arsenal-Liverpool match is on Fox Soccer Channel at 11am ET.

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