Monday, August 16

It's a gorgeous evening in downtown Cincinnati.

The wicked humidity finally broke and today was the first day in recent memory that it
wasn't sweltering. So Milan and I took one of our long walks all the way down by the river.
Yeatman's Cove
While we were down at Yeatman's Cove, we stumbled across one of the "Play Me, I’m Yours"
pianos. Apparently, there are 30+ pianos placed all around Cincinnati and Northern KY for
people to play at their leisure and enjoy. A guy was playing some gorgeous stuff on the
piano and had drawn quite the crowd. It was pretty neat to wander into a mini concert.
Play Me, I’m Yours
Play Me, I’m Yours
Play Me, I’m Yours
I also stumbled onto another one of the pianos yesterday at Findlay Market...
Play Me, I’m Yours
It seems we always stumble across something fun and unexpected on our little adventures.

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