Tuesday, July 27

Who says Tuesdays can't be awesome?

The Big To Do
This evening a friend and I went to dinner at Via Vite. I had the Spinach and ricotta
ravioli with Vermont butter and shavings of Italian black truffle. It was amaaaazing!
So good in fact that I didn't even think about taking a photo before I started devouring
the delicious ravioli.

After dinner, we stopped at Graeter's where I got the biggest single scoop of ice cream
that I've ever seen in my entire life. The flavor? Blueberry pie. With hot fudge. Umm...
ye-ah. SuperYum! FTW! And again, it didn't even cross my mind to take a photo. LOL.
Sorry I promise to try to be more on top of the photos in the future. In my defense,
I was really distracted by great food and even better company. Just saying.

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