Sunday, July 25

OMG, Inception!

I was up early this morning because I slept through Friday night and pretty much all of
Saturday. I had nothing to do, it was still relatively cool (read: not blisteringly hot, yet.)
And I had been dying to see the movie, Inception. So I took Milan on another walk
and then grabbed a bottle of water and set off towards the Purple People Bridge...
Purple People bridge
For those that don't know, the Purple People Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that spans the
Ohio River connecting downtown Cincinnati and Newport, Kentucky.
Purple People bridge
The Purple People Bridge drops you right into Newport's entertainment complex called
Newport on the Levee. Because it's in Newport and it's on a Levee. Rocket science? No.
All and all, it was a 20 minute walk from home to Newport on the Levee. Not bad at all.
Newport on the Levee has a really nice AMC theatre with 20 screens...
Riverwalk Level
And that is where Inception absolutely blew my mind this afternoon. OMG! Just wow.
I don't even know what to say. Just wow. WOW! I have to see it again and if you haven't
seen it yet you have to go see it too because just wow. After the movie, I stopped and had
a sammich and an Oberon at a place called Brothers. Awesome afternoon...
Newport on the Levee
Newport on the Levee
Have I mentioned that I just love this place? I think it's an amazing place to live.
Downtown Cincinnati
Downtown Cincinnati. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love and adore it?

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