Wednesday, July 21


"Renovations have reaffirmed the Big House as the Biggest House: Michigan Stadium's
official capacity this fall will be a whopping 109,901, moving it ahead of Penn State as
the largest sporting edifice in America. (It even says so on Wikipedia.)

For some context, 109,901 people will make the STADIUM the seventh-largest city in
Michigan on game days (ironically, passing up Ann Arbor), and is significantly larger
than the largest city in Delaware, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire or North Dakota.
The combined populations of the largest cities in West Virginia (Charleston, 53,421)
and Wyoming (Cheyenne, 55,362) couldn't quite fill it. (And yes, 109,901 is nearly
the exact population of the U.S. Virgin Islands at last estimate.)

Oh, and it's getting lights for that special, "mid-to-late 20th Century" ambiance.

That's $226 million well-spent. Your move Penn State.

I'm All In for Michigan Football!

GO Blue!

Source: Dr. Saturday

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