Friday, July 30

Friday night with Shanny&D.

This evening blogs collided when my sister, Shannon and her boyfriend John showed up in
Cincinnati as part of their world wind tour of Canadia and parts of the US. Shanu's blog is
awesome and hilarious and you need to check it out if you haven't already. Milan is always
uncertain about new people. But once he gets to know you, you have a buddy for life.
Friday night
After Shannon and John got situated, we wandered around downtown a bit and then went
to Fountain Square for the last installment of the MPMF Indie Summer Series...
Friday night
John and Shannon on Fountain Square...
Friday night
I feel bad for John and Shannon because there was one of the oddest acts I've ever seen
on Fountain Square in one man band, Bob Log III. Yeah, he was an, er... experience. :/
Friday night
Friday night
After listening to the bands on Fountain Square, we got a bite to eat at nada.
Friday night
And then we stopped at Righteous Room, where Quatchi could no longer be contained and
started drinking everyone's Oberon. I guess it was getting kinda hot in Shanu's purse.
Righteous Room
Friday night
Friday night
LOL. Quatchi...

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  1. This is like 'The Making of Shanny D. & Quatchi.' Friday night in Cincinnati was so fun!!! Great to see you!