Friday, June 4


The HTC EVO 4G, Sprint's first 4G phone, goes on sale today. It's soo sexy and sleek
and I'm eligible for a phone upgrade from Sprint. But I'm concerned about battery life.
It's soo sexy but my Instinct works pretty well for what I use it for... My Instinct has
a replaceable battery. This is a classic case of stick with the demons you know or try
something new. Urgh. What to do, what to do?
HTC Evo 4G
UPDATE: Okay, tomorrow I'm going to try to get one because of this article about Sprint's
collaboration with ESPN Mobile TV and the World Cup...

"The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be brought to the Sprint phones including HTC EVO 4G
by Sprint in collaboration with ESPN. Soccer fans can tune into 56 live World Cup
matches, including semifinals and final along with the opening concert with ESPN.

“With World Cup matches taking place during the morning and afternoon in U.S. time
zones, soccer fans may not be at home to tune in, but Sprint and ESPN Mobile TV have
the solution with live matches customers can watch no matter where they are on the
Sprint network,” said Len Barlik, vice president for wireless and wireline services
at Sprint, in a release.

HTC EVO 4G, America’s first 4G phone with a large 4.3-inch screen will allow Sprint
customers to a rich experience of mobile video viewing with high-quality streaming
at 3G and 4G speeds. A built-in kickstand for easy hands-free viewing is also included
in HTC EVO 4G.

I have ESPN Mobile TV on my current phone but the screen is very small and the World
Cup only happen once every four years sooo... ye-ah. New phone for me!

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