Tuesday, June 29

Baseball game #18!

The Illadelphia Phillies came into town to take on the first-place Reds...
The battery on my camera died. So took a couple of shot with my mobile. Not a bad little
camera on this device. This first shot is normal and the next is with the zoom...
So the game... On the upside, Joey Votto hit a three homer with two out in the bottom
of the ninth to tie the game at six and force extra innings. On the downside, Red's closer
Arthur Rhodes' stunning scoreless streak came to an end in the tenth. Rhodes gave up
three runs in the top of the 10th without retiring a batter. It ended the MLB single-season
record of 33 consecutive scoreless appearances he shared with two other pitchers.
It also wiped out his 30 successive scoreless innings. And the Reds lost 9-6 in 10. :(

I have to say I love the app on my mobile that makes photos look like old polaroids.
And I think I might have a funnel cake fry addiction...

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