Sunday, May 16

It's a rainy Sunday in Cincinnati.

Other than going to forkheartknife, I didn't do much today. It was overcast and grey and
bleh. Then the bleh gave way to rain and ick. So from the comfort of my sofa, I just watched
the Reds win their series against the Cardinals and jump out into first place by a half game!
I watched the Celtics turn a twenty point lead into a nail-biter and still win. I saw the Cubs
actually won again. Finally. Thankyouverymuch for not getting swept. Again. I saw that
the 'Clones won the first two games of the Kelly Cup versus Idaho. They've won six straight
now in the play-offs! Games three, four and five* are this week in Cincinnati! The Reds play
the Brewers on Monday and Tuesday. So it looks like baseball game 11 will be on Monday.
What else? I took bud dog on some rainy puppy walks. And updated my blog so I could
share my weekend with you.

Pretty good day for a lazy Sunday. Hope everyone has a great start to your week! :)

* Game five if necessary.

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  1. Hello there. No I'm not a stalker, but yes I'm going to subscribe.

    Had a terrific night watching Reds baseball (Civil Rights Game) on Fountain Square with white, black, homeless, wealthy, boys, girls. And Graeters. Awesomeness.