Tuesday, February 16

Wow! I'm a busy guy this week in photoland.

This week I have four events that I'm shooting this week and three of them are paying
gigs! I'm shooting the Broomball bowl game finals on Fountain Square on Wednesday,
Shepard Fairey's exhibit opening party at the CAC on Friday, Via Vite's Adult Swim
Friday late night and a tour and lecture at the Freedom Center on Sunday.
How awesome is all that?

I also had to turn down a job tomorrow at the Freedom Center because I can't figure
out how to be in two places at once on Wednesday. I really don't like turning down
photo shoots but what can I do? Maybe I could buy a camera for Milan and send him
out to shoot photos. Hmm... Note to self, shop around for cameras that don't require
opposable thumbs to operate.

1 comment:

  1. My team made it to the broomball finals! I am so glad you will be shooting the event since I can't take any photos. I can't wait to see what you capture! :) Nice job on all the gigs this week, that is pretty exciting. (if you ever need anyone to cover an event for you let me know - I am currently an event photographer too and would love to help out! Have a good one!