Wednesday, February 3

Well, this is all very flattering...

I received this email from ROOM 214, who is apparently partnering with Ford...

"Good Afternoon Thadd,
I'm a community manager working on behalf of Ford, and am reaching out to bloggers
in the Midwest Region to gauge interest in participating in the second chapter of
the Ford Fiesta Movement. I’ve actually read your blog, and do understand the focus
isn’t cars. But we all drive
(Me: Umm, maybe not so much) – and based on your online
presence and location, I thought you (and perhaps your readers) might benefit from
knowing more about the program.
What’s Happening Now
Ford is looking for new “Agents” with an entrepreneurial spirit, creative vision
and passion to help launch the 2011 Ford Fiesta. Applications are being accepted
through February 7, 2010 (visit to apply).
Last April, Ford gave 100 Fiestas to 100 online personalities (Agents) for six
months (including gas, insurance, and concierge). These 100 Agents completed
monthly missions, which were documented and spread throughout their social
networks, for more information click here.
What’s in it for the Agents
Ford will connect the new agents to local creative talent, providing support and
resources to organize cultural events that will engage their local communities.
Benefits include:
· Access to the 2011 Ford Fiesta for the duration of the program
(gas and insurance included)
· A shot at winning a brand new Fiesta (odds are only 1 in 20)
· Working with an Agent team mate to shape regionally based advertising
...Thank you for your time."

It's all flattering and intriguing to me, only problem is I don't ever drive anywhere.
It's one of the main reasons I moved from the suburbs to wonderful downtown Cincinnati.
I have a 2008 VW Jetta GLI that I absolutely love and adore and it sits in the garage.

Jetta GLI, originally uploaded by thadd.
So I'm thinking this is one of those situations where it's an honor just to be nominated. :)

Click for more details about The Ford Fiesta Movement.

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