Friday, February 5

SNOflaked, again.

I bust open the bottle of Champagne I bought thinking a girl I really like from Columbus
was going to be visiting this weekend. She #SNOflaked on me, so I drank the champagne.

Champagne, originally uploaded by thadd.
The good news is by my guestimation what I would have spent this weekend wining and
dining her, I could buy a new 55-200mm Nikkor VR lens for my camera for my upcoming
Broomball finals shoot on Fountain Square. The winner? Me. I knew there was a reason
I haven't made it back to Columbus in a long time. Because the girls there are silly.

And the appropriate snow-related hashtag for this post would be: #SNOf__kyourself. LOL!


  1. burn! hopefully she doesn't read this post!! ;)

  2. That's a bold statement Thadd. If she doesn't read it there are others from Columbus that do, so you just lost a reader on that comment.

  3. Okay thanks Anonymous (girl?) from Columbus.
    Read my blog, don't read my blog, I don't know
    who you are and it doesn't matter to me if you
    read or not. I don't write my blog for anonymous
    girls in Columbus. I write it for my family.

    What I didn't mention in this post is that I was
    supposed to go up to Columbus to hang out with her.
    She cancelled on me. And this is the third time
    she was supposed to have come down to Cincinnati.
    And she cancelled last minute on me all three times.

    That to me is not only rude and inconsiderate,
    but also the trfiecta combination of...
    silly, dumb and ridiculous.

    And it's why I have a new lens.