Thursday, January 28

Best. Birthday. Present. Ever!

Okay, so this morning I stopped in at It's Just Crepes to get a crepe for breakfast and
the owner, Karrah said, "Thadd, what's your last name?" F. "Well then, I have something
for you." She handed me an envelope and I was thinking, "Am I here so much that my
mail is getting forwarded here now?" I opened it up and there was a gift certificate... from
Josh and Jeannette. Thank you so much! That is an awesome birthday present!

It was funny because Karrah said she was waiting for the mailman to come pick it up but
she hadn't seen him in a couple days. She told me, "I bet you I'll see Thadd before I see
the mailman." And she did. LOL.

ps. Karrah said It's Just Crepes second location is set to open on Monday at 151 W. 4th Street!


  1. Happy Birthday! xoxo! Josh & Jeannette

  2. Great to hear that the new location opens Monday. Love the place, and love that they're expanding Downtown.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!