Tuesday, December 8

I was quoted on Soapbox Cincinnati.

And what was I quoted about on Soapbox Cincinnati, you might be asking? Two of my very
favorite things, Twitter and the pure goodness that is the Mayberry BLT and Tot casserole.

Mayberry BLT, originally uploaded by thadd.
SuperYum! And Mayberry, I should be put on payroll. Just saying.


  1. Are you shying away from posting comments about your life? How have things been going for you?

  2. Not shying away from posting comments at all, I'm
    just getting back to focusing on the positive and
    trying to find the good in everything.

    I think it would make for a much more entertaining blog
    to show and talk about all the fun stuff I did and all the things
    I've seen instead of whining about my problems. My problems
    in the grand scheme of things are pretty minor and insignificant.
    But with that being said, there are still a lot of ups and downs,
    good days and bad days. There have been a lot more good days
    than bad days since I've moved downtown and really threw myself
    into photography. But I just try to focus on taking one day at a time
    as best as I can. :)

    Thanks for asking. Wish I knew who I was talking to.