Monday, November 23

I love It's Just Crepes.

I went there today for lunch and they bought me a crepe. I was talking them up
and defending them on Twitter against an overly-harsh food critic. And to say thank
you, one of the owners Karrah, bought me a Turkey Pesto crepe. How cool is that?

It's Just Crepes, originally uploaded by thadd.
Like I said, I love It's Just Crepes.


  1. Who was talking bad about It's Just Crepes on Twitter...and why?!

  2. @WineMeDineMe Julie was saying she didn't like them.
    She thought they were too overstuffed with fillings
    and that she preferred a more traditional crepe. But
    Karrah said Julie ordered a Cordon Bleu crepe which
    it's traditional at all. It's Just Crepes has more
    traditional versions like the Parisian.

    Anyway, it pissed me off because I love that place.
    And the Karrah and Keven are really nice people.

  3. I love the place too...and so has just about everybody I have taken there. They're different from the crepes I had in Crete, but then again I would expect them to be.

  4. Actually, I haven't *officially* reviewed It's Just Crepes-- and when I went, I didn't order the Cordon Bleu. She must be confusing me with someone else! I'll try the Parisian next time, and report back-- promise.