Thursday, October 22

Ugh. My neighbor...

So my next door neighbor who just recently moved in is apparently an opera singer.
And that's cool and all, except for the fact that she practises hitting her high notes
for about an hour or two every night. It's pretty annoying. It would be one thing if she
sang an an entire opera every night. But to just screech out high notes, it's annoying.
It's pretty inconsiderate. I mean if I was a drummer or a bagpiper, I would find a studio
space outside of my apartment out of consideration for my neighbors. It's just common
courtesy. I'm just saying.

If she's not singing, she has people over all the time and i think they must be hard of
hearing from all the opera or something. Because they are so loud. They yell and hoot
and holler at each other across her apartment like a bunch of retarded college kids.

But at least I don't have ever worry about my neighbor's complaining that I play my
music too loud because the only time I play loud music is to drown out her opera
singing and soirees. You got love neighbors who don't think of their neighbors.

ps. It's apartment 2C, if anyone from NAP Cincinnati happens to read this.
What ever happened to common courtesy?

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