Sunday, October 18

Florida relegated to No.2.

Alabama Crimson Tide jumped Florida Tebows for No. 1 spot in the new AP Top 25
out today. The Cincinnati Bearcats jumped from No. 8 to No.5, their highest rank ever!!!
Ohio State dropped from No. 7 to No. 18. And apparently beating up on a second tier
team doesn't earn one many points as Michigan still hovers just outside of the Top 25.

[Source: ESPN]

"Cincinnati checked in at No. 5 in the first BCS standings, compilation of the USA Today
poll, the Harris interactive poll and six computer rankings that determine who plays for
the national championship.

Bearcats coach Brian Kelly said that the 6-0 Bearcats just as worthy to be in the
National Championship conversation as Florida, Alabama, Texas or Boise State, the four
schools ranked ahead of them, even though UC does not possess the same pedigree based
on its history."

[Source: Cincinnati Enquirer]

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