Monday, October 12

I got an email today...

From the executive producer of the three-day Midpoint Music Festival, Dan McCabe.

Dan McCabe, originally uploaded by thadd.
And his email said, he "really could use the help of [my] eye to tell the MPMF story
to our sponsors. Can I print some of your flickr-posted pics for these reports?"

This is just like, wow! How could I refuse to help someone who is responsible
for organizing events that I have enjoyed so much and that really appreciates
the photos that I've been taking. The last three months have just been unreal.

I'm just so proud that I can do some small part to help promote Cincinnati,
and that people actually are enjoying my photos. It's just incredibly flattering
to me. I'm amazed with this entire experience of living downtown. It's like
nothing I've ever experienced. I just don't know what to say anymore...

I hope it never ends. :)

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