Wednesday, September 30

I'm all excited!

Wire&Twine has decided to reprint their "Special" t-shirt and I just ordered mine!

Wire&Twine Special t-shirt, originally uploaded by thadd.
I missed out on it the first time around by pulling a Favre. Not this time though.

"You can almost hear the drums and horns break in as the family gathers
around the TV for a night of holiday specials. (Think Frosty or Rudolph.)
This 6 color design inspired by those evenings from our youth.

Order yours here: Wire&Twine Special t-shirt. Available while supplies last. :)

ps. This is the fourth shirt I've bought from Wire&Twine. I picked up this one,
this one and this one at the T-shirt Fest on Fountain Square. Love 'em.

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