Saturday, September 12

Kitties don't make good windows.

Excuse me, originally uploaded by thadd.
I haven't done anything but sit in front of the TV all day long. My day went like this...
10am Stoke City v. Chelsea
12:30pm Totenham Hotspur v. Manchester United
2:30pm Cincinnati Reds v. Chicago Cubs
3:30pm Michigan v. Notre Dame
7:30pm Cincinnati v. Southeast Missouri State/Ohio State v. Southern Cal

There are sooo many good sports on right now. It's ridiculous.

ps. Again the Michigan game was incredible! And Cincinnati hung 70 on SEMO St. Ouch.
Cincinnati actually had their fifth string QB in the game in the 4th quarter. Yep, that's right...
FIFTH string. And OSU drop another big game. That's six straight against top 5 opponents.
Great day of sports... :)

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