Saturday, September 26

Cadillac Ranch = FAIL.

"Cadillac Ranch pulled its Saturday night lineup of MidPoint Music Festival acts,
replacing them with a DJ around 9 p.m. The bar made the decision citing a lack of
profit. Regional manager for Cadillac Ranch Group, said the decision was made after
the bar experienced a 71 percent drop in sales as the first band played.

This left three other bands the drove for hours to get to Cincinnati without a place
to play. Eventually, the bands found a stage and got to play. But still, the actions
of Cadillac Ranch are classless. I think that if they committed to being a venue, they
should have followed through on their obligations. If they were unhappy or lost money,
they should have sucked it up and then just agreed not to host bands next year. It was
just a classless call. But what can you really expect from a corporate chain with a
mechanical bull. ugh. I'd say that I'm going to boycott Cadillac Ranch but I never
go there anyway.

Despite the controvery, "This was a very, very successful MidPoint Music Festival
this year," Dan McCabe, [the executive producer of the three-day fest] said. "It’s a
reverberation we will ride to 2010.
" And I can't wait.

Dan McCabe is biggest rock star to coming out of MPMF. It's a blast & A HUGE SUCCESS.

MidPoint's Indie Summer, originally uploaded by thadd.
Thank you, Dan.


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