Tuesday, September 15

Bark in the Park? OMG. Seriously?

So come to find out that this evening at Great American ballpark was Bark in the Park.
"...You can reserve your seats now to enjoy the excitement of Reds baseball alongside
your pet at Great American Ball Park! A special seating area is reserved for dog owners
and their pets, while the Fan Zone will turn into the "Dog Zone," with product samples
and activities for both dogs and owners."

The next Bark in the Park day is Tuesday, Sept. 15 vs. the Astros at 7:10 PM.

Well. That. Just. Sucks. Dog Package tickets (1 person & 1 dog) were $25 each.
But the the dog packages were all sold out. Grr! That would have been soo fun.

Ye-ah... because this evening I was Mr. Excitement and cleaned my dirty apartment
and did laundry. And that's a lot more fun than going to watch baseball with Milan...

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