Tuesday, August 4


Bleh, originally uploaded by thadd.
Not more rain. We woke up to overcast and grey and sprinkling and ick and bleh.
How depressing and grr. I hope this weather blows over before the Cubs game tonight.
C'mon man, it's gotta get better than this. Grr. I said, "Grrr! Stop. Raining." Grr.

UPDATE: It's 2pm and still nasty outside. Note to SW Ohio weather: stop being so crappy.

Still bleh, originally uploaded by thadd.
Though, I just saw on Twitter that @CincinnatiReds and @700wlw posted a retweet (RT)
that according to News 5's Eric Green, the Reds-Cubs should be dry for tonight's game
at 7:10. That's great, but what does Derek say?

I'll believe that when I see it. But I hope they're right. Fingers crossed.

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