Tuesday, July 21

My apartment at night.

I was looking at Josh and Jeannette's blog. Their new apartment looks like it's coming
together very nicely. (Especially their liquor cabinet. ps. OMG! I want.) Their photos
inspired me to take a few night shots of new apartment. The place just has this glow...

My living room, originally uploaded by thadd.

My apartment, originally uploaded by thadd.

My bedroom, originally uploaded by thadd.
I added a shelf I had laying around above my headboard. This way I don't lose the TV remote
quite as often. And it's a nice place to set beverages when I'm laying in bed watching TV.


  1. Do you mind if I ask where you got the artpiece above your bed? Its an amazing piece.

  2. Thanks. I actually painted the canvas that I have hanging above my bed.
    I would really like to start painting again. But I can't seem to put the camera down.