Thursday, July 30

The Cricket Lounge in the Cincinnatian Hotel has a happy hour?

Cricket Lounge, originally uploaded by thadd.
Wait, there's a cool little lounge in the Cincinnatian Hotel called the Cricket? Who knew?

Cricket Lounge, originally uploaded by thadd.
Happy hour is 3 to 7pm, everyday of the week. Brilliant! I got some BBQ Pulled Pork sliders.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders, originally uploaded by thadd.
Yum! And then I got a flight of their mini cupcakes to go. SuperYum!

Flight of mini cupcakes, originally uploaded by thadd.
Thanks to Julie at Wine Me, Dine Me for the suggestions.

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  1. And aren't the cupcakes amazing? I also suggest the burger, the cuban.. haven't had anything there I didn't like.

    If you ever need any downtown recs, let me know-- we're neighbors, you know! :) I would love to meet you and Milan (I looooove dogs!).