Monday, May 25


Bleh., originally uploaded by thadd.
Two months ago today at 11am on a rainy Wednesday morning,
I learned that my cozy little life would never be the same again.

But somehow out of all this, I am beginning to believe that my life
is going to emerge better than I could have ever possibly imagined.
Better than my wildest dreams. Happier than I ever thought possible.
And that's a pretty good feeling.


  1. You are better off without that cheating woman. There are plenty of good ladys out there waiting for a good guy.

  2. I absolutely love to hear those words! The moment you realize that all the possibilities in your life at this point and time are endless, that is true beauty. I hope you realize just how many big possibilities can sprout from this, and your change in attitude is attracting even more positive energy.

  3. Rise like a Phoenix amigo!